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Studio Albonet & Partners is made up of a group of professionals, administrative and legal experts, specialised in assistance, consultancy and training in the field of public works, supply and services contracts. The firm has been active since 1999, but the owner, Alessandro Boso, has more than thirty years' experience in the sector (for an examination of his professional curriculum, see Each colleague is subject to continuous legal updating, which is also guaranteed by the daily study of the evolution of legislation and case law and enriched by the constant comparison with economic operators and public bodies in every sector.

For many years we have been assisting leading Italian and foreign companies, as well as public bodies operating in a wide range of sectors (health, construction, water and energy, automotive, transport, publishing, ICT, etc.). To protect your industrial and commercial know-how, we can also guarantee an exclusivity clause for our assistance in specific areas of public procurement.

Our primary objective is to assist operators in the day-to-day operational and strategic management of public contracts, also with a view to commercial development and prevention of litigation, both in the phase of organisation of the Tender Office and management of tenders, and in the subsequent phase of contract execution.

We are a national reference point in our field of activity, distinguished by an innovative and highly professional approach, particularly in support of the management of contracts and concessions and in the training of personnel, companies and public administrations, operating in this field. The particular ability to develop new solutions allows us to adapt our proposals to the specific characteristics of the client.

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